Aesop transcends its product category to penetrate the home decor market

Like many idealistic consumers, I love to browse products online and fantasise about things that I can’t afford.

For this reason, in my spare time, I find myself exploring real estate websites and taking virtual tours of premium properties that cost upwards of $3 million (sure, why not?). And I couldn’t help but notice a trend in the imagery.

Amidst many perfectly lit marble bathroom shots, the recurrence of a brand on the benchtop as part of the room styling itself — Aesop hand wash and hand cream. A coincidence? Nope — just very clever product positioning.

In terms of pricing structure, Aesop products are not on the affordable side of the market for skin, hair and body products. But, when you consider the costs of interior design products, these bottles offer a cheap alternative to garnishing your kitchen and bathroom areas with art and decor products — yet they make an elegant statement to complement the design of your room.

Flip through a copy of Vogue Living or House & Garden and notice Aesop products consistently featured in the grand kitchen and bathroom designs that are showcased to spark your envy. Often times its the homes of the rich and famous we see showcased, so it may be that these products are there simply because they too have accepted that Aesop products add to elegance of any space. Or it could just be product placement, I’m not sure. But one thing is for certain — it leaves a clear mission in the mind of the reader. We may never have the ideal ensuite we see before us, but we can share in one tiny element of it.

The iconic shape and branding of the Aesop bottle creates an instant sense of luxury that offers a sense of style and warmth to any home from million-dollar-mansions to modern urban apartments, to student dorms. And, at $39 a bottle for a Reverance Aromatique Hand Wash, it’s cheaper than nearly any other product you can name in the home decor category that’s capable of creating this sensation.

Plus, you can occasionally get to enjoy an aromatic blend of fragrances to refresh and rejuvenate your hands. But here’s where they get you — you can’t resist using the product while it’s there in front of you and you can’t stop guests from doing the same. So, inevitably, you run out and need to repurchase.

And that’s how the clever strategic brand positioning team at Aesop blends its product to fit into two categories to create brand loyalty from consumers seeking a home decor product and cosmetic skin, hair and body products.

Sheer brilliance.


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