More than makeup: Mecca Cosmetica delivers the ultimate beauty experience

Over and above the international designer products that are displayed like sculptures on marble tables, Mecca Cosmetica is delivering consumers a unique customer journey — a shopping experience that’s also a lifestyle experience.

Aesop transcends its product category to penetrate the home decor market

As a millennial, the idea of home ownership is a distant (if even existent) dream for me. But, like many idealistic consumers, I love to browse products online and fantasise about things that I can’t afford.

For this reason, in my spare time, I find myself exploring real estate websites and taking virtual tours of premium properties that cost upwards of $3 million (sure, why not?). And I couldn’t help but notice a trend in the imagery.

Amidst many perfectly lit marble bathroom shots, the recurrence of a brand on the benchtop as part of the room styling itself — Aesop hand wash and hand cream. A coincidence? Nope — just very clever brand positioning.